Casein Kinase

The term ‘casein kinase’ (CK) applies to three unrelated categories of protein kinases, denoted by the acronyms CK1, CK2 and Golgi-casein kinase (G-CK)/Fam20C (family with sequence similarity 20, member C), all of which are implicated in human diseases. The overexpression of CK1 and CK2 correlates with neoplasia and neurodegeneration, loss of function of Fam20C is causative of biomineralization and hypophosphatemic diseases. Addiction to abnormally high CK2 level is a common denominator of diverse cancer cells. An ample variety of CK2 inhibitors have been developed with a couple of these in clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. Fam20C/G-CK and its functionally defective mutants can be activated by sphingosine and by fingolimod, an immunosuppressant drug approved for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.


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